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Partial CLIENT List

Direct client contact info available on request. 

This referal from Julia Mory to Jill McDermott from Montorssie in Redlands.

Hello Jill,


Yes, I do remember speaking with you last year. 


To be honest, I was disappointed that Sean was not going to be available this year.  He seems like he has the “right” personality for our school community.  We met with Russ (and Sean) a couple of months prior to the event and Sean promised that we would be satisfied with the outcome.  He made it very clear that Russ has been doing this longer than he and has quite the following from some very large and well-known organizations.


I cannot begin to tell you the rave reviews and positive comments we had from everyone after our event.  Russ not only did a great job as an auctioneer, he kept everyone in stitches as they were bidding.  The people had the chance to bid on some great items, and they were being entertained by a great comedian at the same time.


I would definitely recommend Russ Stolnack to you for your fundraiser and feel confident you will be as happy as we were!


Best regards,



Julia Mory

Development Assistant

Redlands Christian Schools

105 Tennessee Street

Redlands, CA  92373

909.793.0601, x115




 Hey man - you done good! Early results show we killed it and far exceeded our goal -- will probably net north of $225k! Netted $145 last year! Good work buddy boy!



James A. Floros





Hi Russ ,

 Here are some numbers with comparison to last year. 

Live Auction $160,000 – last year $60,000

The event made the most it ever has and had the most attendees as well!!!

 Thanks Russ! You did a great job with all the surprises items and the time as well!


Tracy Timmons

Development Specialist

French Hospital Medical Center Foundation




Hi Russ,


What a night! Loved, loved working with you this year and seeing the magic happen! People are saying this was our best event yet and are totally raving about you. I so appreciated the time you took before the event. 


Katie Skoog Executive Director


Tiba Foundation

San Francisco


Here are some of the email I have received from past clients.

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